What are herps?
A reference used for reptiles and amphibians.

I found a herp in my yard (in the woods). Can I keep it?
Please refer to the PA Fish and Boat Commission web site for the laws in PA regarding non-game species.

I took a photo and I’m unsure what it is. Can you help?
Sure, Send us an email with the photo and we will get back to you with the possible ID.

Are all the photos on the site from PA?
Photos come from PA and surrounding states – NY, NJ, MD, OH, WV, and also IN for 2 rare species. All photographers hold the copyright to their photos, we do not and can not give permission to use their photos.

There is a snake in my house, what can I do?
The safest thing to do first is to properly ID the species. If you are unsure do not handle it. Safely move the species in to a bucket or other container with a broom or other long object. For the best result of survival relocate the animal with in a close distance of where it was captured.

Site FAQ:

Who is the owner?
The owner and designer of the PA HERP ID site is Jason Poston. Jason Poston is a Field Herpetologist/Field Technician for The Mid-Atlantic Center for Herpetology and Conservation, Web Developer and Database Admin for the Pennsylvania Amphibian and Reptile Survey, a freelance visual communications expert, and photographer. Mr. Poston resides in Pittsburgh, PA area and spends a great deal of time exploring the South West portions of Pennsylvania and other states collecting data and photos of local herpetile. Mr. Poston is a field herpetologist and most of his work is revolved around his interest in reptiles and amphibians and the concern for conservation. He started the PA Herp ID project to help the public understand and be able to identify the reptiles and amphibians in their backyard and to become more knowledgeable with these animals and how to properly identify them.

What references were used for the site?
The site used a few books when gathering information on each species. You can find the reference book and pages at the bottom of each ID page. If you would like more information of these books they may be available at your local library or brought though a book store.