Italian Wall Lizard

Scientific Name: Podarcis sicula
Size: 6-9.8 in (15 to 25 cm)
Status: Nonnative

Often seen around homes or other buildings.

Italian Wall Lizards are a nonnative species that have established populations in few Southeastern Pennsylvania counties. This species has been documented as thriving and breeding in a few residential areas. This species is found around homes and other buildings where it uses them as shelter to survive the winter.

Adult Coloration:
  • Highly variable.
  • The dorsal is usually a brownish or grayish coloration that may have a gradient of green . Some individuals may have light row of spots or lines running down their backs. Other individuals may have a series of black and white reticulated pattern.

May be Confused With:
  • Kyle Loucks
  • Stephen Staedtler

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