Smooth Greensnake

Scientific Name: Opheodrys vernalis
Size: 14-20 inches (36-51 cm) in length
Status: Species of special concern

Lower shrub vegetation, old fields, pastures, farmland , meadows, bog borders, and forest clearings. Found mostly in the open, but may be found under rocks or logs.

A small to medium, slender species with a long tapered tail and smooth scales. The head is slightly distinct from the body with large black eyes. The upper body is bright green. The belly is a white or yellowish white. The chin and lower scales around the mouth are white.

Adult Coloration:
  • The dorsal is uniform bright green.
  • The ventral is white to yellowish white.
  • The lateral scales may have a slight blue tint.
  • Suparlabials and chin are white to yellow.
Adult Characteristics:
  • Long, slender species
  • Long tapering tail
  • The head is slightly distinct from the body.
  • Large eyes
  • Smooth scales
  • Terrestrial
Juvenile Characteristics:
  • Neonates are dark olive grey with lighter side.
  • The ventral is white.
Scale Count:
  • 15 scale rows at mid-body
  • 106-154 ventral scales
  • 59-102 subcaudals | 2 rows of subcaudals
  • 1 nasal scale
  • 1 loreal scale
  • 1 preocular scale
  • 2 postocular scales
  • 1+2 temporal scales
  • 7 supralabials
  • 7-8 infralabials
  • Anal plate is divided

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