Scientific Name: Regina septemvittata
Size: 14-23 in. (35.5-58.4 cm) in length
Status: Species of special concern

Slow to fast flowing “clean” streams, creeks, rivers, small lakes, ponds with a good source of crayfish. May be found around or under loose rocks, retainer walls, vegetation, or on small trees, shrubs, and logs.

A medium sized tan, greenish or chocolate brown snake with a yellow stripe on lower side of the body. The belly is yellow with 4 distinct brown stripes. Scales are keeled and has a divided anal plate. It's almost always found in or near fresh water streams that also have crayfish, it's principle food.

Adult Coloration:
  • The dorsal is olive-brown to brown.
  • The dorsal has a yellow stripe on each side the body along with 3 dark dorsal stripes.
  • The dorsal stripes run along the 5th and 6th scale row with the 3rd one running along the spine.
  • The ventral background is white to yellow with 4 dark stripes.
  • The head is dark brown.
  • The labials, chin and throat are white to light yellow.
Adult Characteristics:
  • Slender, medium-sized species.
  • Narrow head
  • Dorsal scales are keeled.
  • Thick head and chin scales.
Juvenile Characteristics:
  • Similar to adults.
  • Stronger dorsal stripes.
Scale Count:
  • 19 scale rows at midbody and anterior
  • 17 scale rows at posterior
  • 118-159 ventral scales
  • 47-89 subcaudals | 2 rows of subcaudals
  • 1 to 2 nasal scales
  • 1 loreal scale
  • 2 preocular scales
  • 2 postocular scales
  • 1+2-3+2-4 temporal scales
  • 7 supralabials
  • 9-10 infralabials
  • Anal plate is divided

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