Northern Rough Greensnake

Scientific Name: Opheodrys aestivus
Size: 22-32 inches (56-81 cm) in length
Status: Endangered Species
PAHERP Resource: Have You Seen Me? Rough Green Snake

Moist habitat, waterways in woodlands, lake & river borders, moist meadows. Mostly found in trees or shrubs near water, and seldom seen on the ground.

Long and slender species with keeled scales. The head is moderately distinct from the body and the neck is slender. The eyes are large. The upper body is light green. The belly is uniform cream, yellow, or yellowish green.. The chin and lower scales around the mouth are white or light yellow.

Adult Coloration:
  • The dorsal is uniform light green.
  • The ventral is uniform cream, yellow, or yellowish green.
  • Suparlabials and chin areas are white to light yellow.
Adult Characteristics:
  • Long, slender species
  • The head is moderately distinct from the body.
  • Slender neck
  • Large eyes
  • Keeled Scales
  • 2 rows of dorsal scales near the ventral are smooth.
  • Arboreal
Juvenile Characteristics:
  • Neonates are uniform grey to greyish green.
Scale Count:
  • 17 scale rows at midbody and anterior
  • 15 scale rows near the vent
  • 139-171 ventral scales
  • 105-161 subcaudals | 2 rows of subcaudals
  • 1 nasal scale
  • 1 loreal scale
  • 1 preocular scale
  • 2 postocular scales
  • 1+2 temporal scales
  • 7 supralabials
  • 8 infralabials
  • Anal plate is divided

Adult Gallery:

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